In English

Who we are

Digi Tanoda Foundation is a non governmental organization working in the field of education. The purpose of Digi Tanoda is to promote equal opportunities for underprivileged primary school students by improving their digital communication skills and prepare them for the safe use of Internet. Being confident in the digital world will improve their learning abilities and provide more equal opportunities during their life.

We are all volunteers, with different backgrounds (pedagogy, IT, law, etc.). We organize free afternoon classes for children between the age of 10-14 in two districts of Budapest where the standard of living is generally lower.

What we do

Teaching digital competences

We develop the skills needed for creating digital content, enabling children to communicate and cooperate in an efficient way, search, evaluate and understand data and stay safe in the digital world.  We empower them to become active creators of digital content – learning the basics of webpage development, photo editing, coding, etc.

Widening the spectrum
Providing the equipment
Building social bridges
Social responsibility